August 8, 2008

Following God's Call

Sometimes it takes me a while to really hear God when He calls me to do something... Was it just me? Did I just imagine that I heard Him call me? Does He REALLY want me to do that? It certainly is not just my imagination! But often times my flesh gets in the way and I fail to heed His call. Today was a day like that.

I've had a recipe blog for some time now and I enjoy working on it. But I continue to feel convicted in my heart that now that my time is more limited I should combine my recipes and all other thoughts, ideas, feelings, knowledge and such about life as a Christian woman (wife, mom, friend, etc.) all into ONE blog.

It wasn't just today that I have had that thought. As you can see if you look at my blog archive, I stated this blog some time ago. That was when the conviction started. However, due to the normal routine I had fallen into in our daily lives and the relaxation I felt when working on an "already established" blog on my favorite topic (food), I neglected to update this one. I felt it would be too much work to create something new and different than I was used to.... felt that I didn't have the time. How wrong I was!

I know that if God desires something that it is up to me to follow His calling. And so today I humbly return to this new blog with many ideas and a vision to continue chronicling our day to day lives... our comings and goings. Our successes and failures. Our joys and defeats. All those things that make up a Christian family that is seeking to follow that Lord in all we do. It may take me some time to get things in order here but I know that God will provide the ideas, time and inspiration as I supply the effort and obedience that He desires.

If you're a regular over at Chef Michele's Adventures, I pray you will continue to join me here. My goal is to post here frequently on various topics and I may just include a recipe here and there as well. :0) Stay tuned...


Erika said...

I love the new look Michelle, and I'm thrilled for you and your new adventure here on the blog. God must have some plans for the blogosphere. :-) I'll be around cheering you on.

Michele said...

Thanks so much Erika!