August 9, 2008

Funny Girl

Sometimes I wish I could video tape my children all the time. Some of the things they do and say are so funny!

Our 1 year old still sleeps in our bedroom. When she was put to bed tonight, I ended up going back into the bedroom to get something. She was still awake and when I left the room I left the door partially open. She then began to call "Mama! Mama!" I then returned and asked her what was wrong. I checked her blankets and fluffed her pillow. But she began to say "Out!' So I asked if she wanted to get out. She frowned at me and said "Mama out!". I asked, "Do you want Mama to get out?" She then says "Yeah, Mama out!" So I left the room closed the door and all was quiet. I guess she just didn't want Mommy coming back into the room while she was trying to settle down and go to sleep.

I can't believe I was kicked out of my own bedroom by a one year old! LOL! :0) Babies are so funny!


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

P.S. Cute little girl! She already knows what she wants and she's only one. Wow!


Michele said...

Thanks Paz :0)