August 20, 2008

Presidential Election

If you're like me, this election year is sadly disappointing in the offerings of candidates by the traditional two main political parties in our country. Watching the mainstream media doesn't really help in making a decision either, as all mainstream networks have their liberal views as well as their own political agendas.

I was surfing GodTube this morning and found these videos which at least offer a view of the major candidates views on issues that mainstream media does not care to cover. The videos are from The Saddleback Civil Forum series . This is an event which was held at Saddleback Church’s main campus in Lake Forest, CA on August 16, and was hosted by Dr. Rick Warren. Here is a sample of one of those videos just to give you an idea of the kinds of questions asked to the candidates. You can click the "these videos" link above to see the rest of the videos as there are several.

If you'd like another choice of candidate when you go out to vote this year, here is a candidate that is worthy of considering. Check out the third largest political party in this nation, The Constitution Party. This is their candidate Chuck Baldwin. Listen to what he has to say...


His Tender Mercies said...

I have to admit I don't keep up with the candidates like I need to. I know that I won't vote for Obama, so I guess that just leaves McCain. I am learning. I recently was talking with someone about it......I said well if I vote for an unknown candidate I'm afraid that will take votes away from McCain , giving Obama the upper hand. She said " As Christians are we suppose to vote for "the lesser of two evils" for that reason?......even McCain as some questionable views.

I thought about it.....of course not. I'm not very politically minded but am going to start paying better attention. She was telling me about the candidate Alan Keyes. I'll have to read more about him.

Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

Michele said...

Alan Keys is great! He certainly is a choice as well!