August 12, 2008

New Skirts!

Our third daughter turned 4 on Monday. She received a package in the mail from Grandma and it was a new skirt, handmade by Grandma! Of course, like most Grandmothers, my mother can't send a gift for one grandbaby without sending one for all. So, all 4 girls now have pretty new skirts! I really love these because not only are they colorful and bright but they are nice and long and modest. It is so hard to find pretty modest things in the stores any more, we are always happy for clothes that the girls can not only feel good about wearing but that will cover them nicely.

I have found a few cute skirts at Wal Mart recently. We also love to use the culotte pattern from Christian Womanhood. Their patterns are only $1.00! I have one in each girls size and have made several for them. I also like to use old pairs of jeans to make skirts. What I do it take the jeans and cut them off right below the pocket line in back, just straight across. I then attach a piece of fabric that I have seamed together and gathered across the top and hemmed across the bottom to the jeans. You can add two layers of fabric (one longer than the other). There are so many ways to make cute skirts for little girls, there is really no reason to give in to the immodest fashions that are available in stores today.

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