June 25, 2009

What are you doing today?

Whenever I post about what I am doing on any given day I always wonder what other people are up to on that same day. So tell me everyone, what ARE you doing today? :0)

Today I have one big project to tackle. I am going to sort our clothing and take out all the things that done fit the girls any more any all the things that hubby and I have been hanging onto that either don't fit or are worn out. I'm doing the same for the linen closet. Then all the drawers and closets will be organized when we put everything back.

This morning I put a roast in the crock pot for dinner and started some yams baking in a smaller crock pot. I'll use those for muffins later on this week. Later on I'm going to start a batch of yogurt in the tiny crock pot. (Yes, I know I have a LOT of crock pots, LOL!)

The girls are playing Speed Stacks in the front room and 2 yo is filling any and every things she can find with water from the water cooler and pouring it all over the floor. I often wonder why someone doesn't invent a lock for those coolers to prevent little ones from flooding the floor. Hummm... maybe I should invent one! :0)


Anonymous said...

I am sorting thru an enormous pile of girl's tights. I have to find a better way to store them....

I love my crockpots, I only have 2 at the moment but saw a pretty red recently. (I might ask for it for Christmas). I use mine most often to cook beans and to make chili.

Michele said...

We love crock pot chili and I finally found a way to cook beans in the crock pot that my husband likes. I have 4 of them! Wow, I really need to stop buying crock pots :0)