June 20, 2009

A New Day and an Award!

My sweet husband took the day off work yesterday to take me to the doctor. I wasn't really up to driving and managing the little ones in the waiting room because I was in too much pain. So it was a huge blessing to have him come along with me.

The doctor said that I have a lot of tension in my back and neck muscles which is causing the pain I am experiencing. Tomorrow I have an appointment for a deep tissue massage which I am praying will help me feel much better. So after church it's off to the massage office then home to spend a relaxing evening celebrating Father's Day.

I woke up this morning praising for for this new day. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here for the last several weeks. Normally at this time of year it is in the 100's already and edging up to the 110's. Not so this year! The girls have been able to go outside often and I am so thankful for that. The summer is not usually the most fun time for outdoor activities where we live.

My sweet husband leaves early for work and he let me sleep in because he knew I wasn't feeling well. I am thankful for that as well because sleep is certainly necessary for good health. I was able to get up and make some bread dough this morning and make the girls breakfast as well. Then my lovely young ladies took over for lunch as I began to braid 7 yo's hair with my heating pad in tow.

I was also so blessed this morning by my sweet sister in Christ, DeNiece. She awarded me with this lovely blog award.

Thanks so much DeNiece, your blog is such a blessing to me and I am honored that you chose me for this award.

As I read on DeNiece's blog, the "rules" for this award are that you list 7 things that you love, link back to the person that gave you the award and pass the award on to 7 other bloggers. So here is my list of what I love and who I would like to bless with this award.

I love...

1. Above all I love God. He is my salvation, my strength, my healer, my provider and my comfort in all things.

2. I love my husband. I am eternally thankful that God has allowed me to share my life with him.

3. I love my children. They are precious little gifts and it is a joy to watch them grow and learn.

4. I love my family and friends. My parents, sister, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of my friends etc. I am blessed with a big and loving family and loving friends and for all of them I am thankful.

5. I love it when it rains! Especially in the summer. The fierce thunder and lightning coupled with the cool drizzle of falling rain is God's power incarnate.

6. I love freshly baked bread. Any type, if it's warm from the oven and topped with butter. Mmmm!

7. I love blogging. Getting to know others and being edified by them and encouraging them is such a blessing.

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers that have truly blessed me...

1. Bethany at Happy To Be Called "Mommy"

2. Crystal at Homemaking Homesteader

3. Linda at Homeschooling 6

4. Erika at Tummy Treasure

5. Sharon at Keeper of The Home

6. Donetta at A Life Uncommon

7. Dawn from On A Quest For Plain Living

Praying you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


Sharon said...

Thank you Michele for the award. :) That is very sweet of you!

Erika W. said...

Oh Michelle, I hope you are back to your normal self soon! At the same time, it is wonderful to hear how your family is being so understanding and thoughful! What blessings!

Thank you for the award as well, I'll have to give that some thought and attention next week- that is so sweet of you!

Now get some rest- and be blessed! Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

Donetta said...

Thank you
I hope this finds your back feeling better. It was very thoughtful of you to consider me in your kindness.

I awoke with the pain in my back mostly eased...but I was a bad girl and helped too much (given a lovin scolding) with some re-arranging.
Now not so pain free either.

Drink lots of water I hear with a deep tissue massage for the toxins to flush or it can really make you feel sick to your tummy.

Full day...sigh
I just sat down here to find this sweet hug of a thoughtful offer.
big gentle hugs back at you :)

Oh that's funny my word verification is


as in yep bed time is a calling

Rose said...

HI Michelle~congratulations on the award! I love fresh baked bread out of the oven also! God bless, Rose

Anonymous said...

Michele, that was very kind of you and I'm honored. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by sooner. We have been busy getting ready to move. I'll post this on my blog once we are setteled again.

Again, you are so sweet, thanks.