June 4, 2009

Enjoying The Day

Yesterday was so productive that today is going to be nice and relaxing. We just finished up breakfast a little while ago and the dishes are either washed or soaking (for the ones that decided to be stubborn, LOL). I have ground beef thawing for Shepherd's Pie for dinner and lunch will be leftovers from last night's dinner.

The yogurt in the crock pot turned out wonderful! We had it for breakfast this morning. I was so thankful to find a recipe that worked the first time with no tweaking. I have that recipe posted on my crock pot blog now in case anyone else is interested. Thanks again Candy (and DeNiece) for the video blog posts last week that inspired me to give it a try!

I had a phone call to make this morning and a few things I wanted to look up on-line in preparation for next years homeschool plans. As I do that, the girls are reading and listening to a favorite CD. My two year old is happily sitting with her big sister listening to stories read to her.

All the girls are signed up for our library's summer reading program. They have to either read or listen to 24 books over the summer and they win prizes for doing so. My 7 year old finished her books in the first 3 days! She did a combination of reading to herself and to her sisters to earn credit for prizes. She is still reading daily, all of them start their day with a book or their Bible or both. It is such a blessing to have children that love to read. My husband and I both love books as well!

This afternoon we are going to work on some craft projects. I made a culotte skirt for 7 year old and a skirt for 4 year old and both need to be hemmed so they can wear them to church on Sunday. I will then cut out skirts for myself and my 9 year old and a jumper for baby girl. My 9 year old bought a craft kit to make a mobile for the girls room so she will work on that. 7 year old is going to cut out a dress for her doll. I'm sure my 5 year old will want to do the same so the two of them will work on the doll dresses. Baby girl will be napping at this time so she will be safely out of the way of all pins and needles and such that she so loves to touch when no one is looking :0)

I guess that is all I have to say for today. 7 year old just came in and asked if she could make "cheesecake grahams" for a snack so I need to give her a hand with the honey bottle which just happens to pour out way too fast! If you like cheesecake, you would love these snacks and your kids will love making them!

Cheesecake Grahams

Graham Crackers
Cream Cheese

Spread graham crackers with cream cheese. Drizzle with honey them sprinkle with cinnamon. Great with a cup of tea!

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Sharon said...

Thank you for visiting today, Michele! You have a lovely family and I look forward to visiting you again!