July 7, 2009

Making progress!

All is going well here as we begin our "prep week". I am so excited to get going with a new year of homeschool so I thought all the shelves and boxes and things should reflect our anticipation :0) They sure were a mess!

We got a great start today and got one entire book shelf cleaned off and organized. I also cleaned off and am almost finished organizing the "teacher desk".

I am about 2/3 of the way done with my list of books and supplies we will be needing to buy. I have had to make some changes to our plans since my last post so I will post our new plans soon. I am going to buy a lot less at the start of this year and add more as we need it. I went WAY overboard last year and we still have things we didn't get to finish up.

We did a major sorting of everyones clothes last week and now just about everything is washed and folded or hung up. It feels so nice to have things more in order.

Yesterday I made up a batch of homemade laundry soap. My husband happened to be home and he was amazed that I was MAKING laundry soap. LOL! I explained to him how much money it is saving us and how little is needed. He had never noticed this new kind of soap in our laundry room because we still have about 1/2 a bottle of liquid detergent left whenever he does a load he just grabs that.

Yesterday I also made up a huge pot of refried beans. We had burritos last night and will have them again tonight (my family could eat burritos for every meal and be happy, LOL). Last this week I am going to make up some meatballs for the freezer.

I was going to do some baking today but the temperature is supposed to top 110 so I think that will wait till tomorrow morning when it's a bit cooler.

I pray you are all having an enjoyable day!

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