July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I was just looking at my "To-Do" list here in the left sidebar and realized how fast the summer is passing by! We intended to start back to school on a full schedule as of the second week of August. I really need to get moving if I am going to get all my items finished in time!

Today we are making preparations for July 4th. There will be a fireworks display in the next town over from us so we will be attending that. Since my husband has to work tomorrow we will be getting dinner ready while he is at work. We don't have a grill at this time so I will be doing an indoor version of cookout food :0) Hot dogs, a potato casserole in the crock pot as well as potato salad, veggies and some cookies and ice cream. The girls are excited, they didn't get to see any fireworks last year so this year is just that much more exciting!

Today I have a bunch of little items to tend to like a few phone calls to make, laundry to fold and a little research on some homeschool items I am considering purchasing for next year.

Next week we will be spending most of our time in preparation for the week to follow. The third week of July brings VBS for the girls, a music concert we have been long awaiting to attend, our annual homeschool convention and a visit from my parents. It will be a busy and exciting week!

I probably won't be blogging a lot in the days to come but I will be back as soon as life settles back down a bit.

Praying everyone has a blessed and safe 4th of July!


DeNiece Barnes said...

I pray that you have a great time with everything that you have planned coming up in the next couple of weeks. I too have been getting everything ready for the next school year so, I am finishing up the giveaway that is on my blog, my hubby and I are going on a week long vacation for our anniversary and we will be going to the beach the last week of the month with the children so I to have a busy month ahead of me, so may God bless you and your family through out the month of July hope to hear from you soon. Happy Fourth of July, tell the children I said to enjoy their fireworks display this year.

Michele said...

Thanks so much DeNiece! I pray you all enjoy your vacations as well. This is such a fun time of year :0) Be blessed and have a wonderful 4th!

Julieann said...

Oh, I hear ya on the "to-do" list~~~it just never goes away:) I am not a huge fan of summer, I really adore the fall, so if it hurries on by, I am okay with that:)

Hope you get everything done.