July 30, 2009


I have really wanting to get some more creative ideas going for the girls for homeschool. My personality is such that I tend towards workbooks and lots of reading, without a a lot of artistic projects. Of course, kids (especially girls) love to work with all sorts of colorful things and lace and beads, etc. So this year I vowed to come up with some more creative ways to learn.

After a lot of research and advice from other homeschooling moms, I decided to try lapbooking. If you have never heard of lapbooking, check out this link. There are lots of free resources all over the web including lots of tutorials on youtube and other video based websites.

Today we made our first lapbook and the girls LOVED it. I chose to teach them about the Full Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10 - 18) and it was the perfect topic for a lapbook. I got the basic idea for the project here and added a little of my own ideas to round it out.

I still don't have a digital camera so I can't show any pics at this time but when we do get a new camera I will be sure to upload some and continue to show pics of furure lapbook projects.

I am planning to make lapbooks to help my girls with their math facts as well as grammar rules. We also may do mini-lapbooks for each of the 50 united states.


Donetta said...

That sounds fun to do. I started one long time back and have neglected getting back to it. It is for me a story of the things I love.

Sorta an expression of who I am.

Jimmie said...

So glad your girls love lapbooking. It's very adaptable to all ages and most any topic. :-) You're so blessed to have FOUR beautiful girls. Oh, your home must be full of giggles.