September 16, 2008

A Blessed Mess

Have you ever looked at your house when it was messy and thought of how blessed you are? Normally, that is not my first reaction. But last night it was. We had a very long day, running errands all over town and came home to quite a mess which it was much too late to tackle. I just stood there and thought of how much God has blessed us. The fact that my kids have all these toys that many children only wish they could have... the fact that there were lots and lots of groceries to put away that many families cannot afford... the fact that the laundry was piled up reminded me of all the people who are in need of clothing in the world. I didn't see the mess, I saw the blessings bestowed upon us by a mighty and awesome God!

We spent a lot of time last week organizing things. Bookshelves were sorted and reorganized in anticipation for several packages of brand new books that are due to arrive any day to add to our homeschool library. Closets were sorted and organized in anticipation of an upcoming shopping trip for new winter items, the kitchen was cleaned and organized for yesterday's shopping trip.

This morning the house is still a bit messy and my girls and I are off to clean it right now so we can spend the afternoon learning.

It's easy to feel down when faced with the never ending job of keeping your home in order, but when those kinds of thoughts try to get you down, just remember that all that needs to be cleaned up and kept in order are true blessings from God.

Pray you are having a blessed day!


Shelley, aka Diaper Bag Diarist said...

What a great way to think of things! I'm going to remember that the next time I get frustrated with a messy house. I'm also going to have my hubby read it. I think the mess bothers him more than me. Thanks for such a great post!

Dawn said...

What an awesome post! And it's so true...we have so much 'stuff', we ought to be thanking God instead of complaining on what we don't have.
I am still trying to get unpacked from our move so our house is in a little disarray but it's clean and lived in. :-)
There are small piles throughout the house and I get to them a little each day.
I don't want to have 'the perfect house', where my husband is afraid to even put his stuff down for fear I will flip out.
I don't mind if we eat in the living room, because we making memories.
So what if he leaves his dirty jeans on the floor, he's home from work and we can spend time together.

Some women develop OCD over their houses and the family is miserable as they don't know what they can and cannot do or touch, ect.
That's not living.

Messes will be there the next day, our family may not.

God Bless You!
Dawn (new reader)

Michele said...

Shelley and Dawn, thanks for dropping by :0)

It is hard often to remember how much God has blessed us but to me it really does put it in prespective to think of a mess in this way. It would sure be a shame to miss out on family memories because of worrying about it too much. :0)

Deeny said...

Your Post reminds me of a poem I learned when my kids were small.

It goes like this:

Cleaning and Scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For Babies grow up, we have learned to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
i am rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

And that is true, my youngest is 12 and my oldest is 21. They grow up so fast.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day.

Erika W. said...

I love it! I'm also reminded that I really do need to get around to cleaning out the kids closets- while they are at school and can't argue with the discard pile.