October 8, 2009

Updates and an Award!

It has been quite a whirlwind around our place lately. I finally was able to get the 3 older girls coughs under control and getting better when my sweet husband and oldest daughter came down with a sinus/cold kind of thing. Now our two middle daughters have been having sore throats and have all but lost their voices. Only two year old and I have been well the entire time. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it was a long road :0) I'm just happy everyone is slowly getting better!

We are in the midst of lots of change around our house as well. My husband's job just cut off almost all of the overtime that is offered. We are going to have to tighten the budget a bit based on that fact. Although the chance to earn a little extra is always helpful, we are so happy that daddy will be at home more often. That in itself leads us to making some schedule changes as well as plans to do some things we have either been putting off or not able to do for lack of time.

One of the things on our agenda is to re-arrange some of our furnishings. We are finally going to turn our office/play room into a bedroom for our two oldest. That way two year old can leave our room and room in with her 5 year old sister. I've been making up some plans on how we can arrange things. The girls are very excited about this change since they will have more bedroom space to play and store their things.

Another big change we are facing is looking for a new home church. We have been on this search for some time now and we do see the end in sight. If you're reading this today please pray for us as we make this transition. God has big plans in store and we want only to follow His lead, not our own.

Finally, I was so blessed this morning to receive this award from Tina at Over In The Meadow.

Thanks so much Tina, your blog is always a blessing and inspiration to me!

Here are my replies to the question... "Share 7 things about yourself." Since I did a similar list for another award in a past post, I thought I would share some different fun facts here :0)

1. I love morning. I am a total morning person. Watching the sun rise gives me such a rush. I don't wake early enough to see it very often but I do love the morning.

2. My favorite leisure activity is cooking. Even though I spend plenty of time in the kitchen every day, I spend even more time there when I have free time and not much else to do.

3. I want to go to Italy. I'm not sure why, I don't have any family there or anything but it just seems like ti would be a beautiful place to visit!

4. I've been blogging for 4 years. Wow! It doesn't seem like it has been that long but it has.

5. I love tea. My girls and I always find excuses to have a tea party. Tea is comforting and reminds me of my mom.

6. Summer is my least favorite season. Probably because it is very hot where we live. I always dread summer and am happy when it comes to an end.

7. I love tropical things. Pineapples, warm breezes, the smell of the ocean... Ahhh! Tropical things make me relax. I want to decorate our home like an island resort, LOL!

I am supposed to nominate 7 people for this award. However, I would like to offer this award to all of my blog readers. You all bless me so much when you take the time to leave comments and encouragements. So if you are reading this today and you have a blog of your own, please take this award and leave me a comment to let me know that you stopped by!

May God Bless you all today,


One of us Dragonfryes said...

I ejoyed your list! I hope your family starts to feel better. I bet your girls are exited to have the room change. Moving things around is always fun.


Sharon said...

Michele, I'm happy to hear that everyone is on the mend!