October 24, 2009

Lots gonig on...

It's been a very busy past few days. I am trying so hard to keep the girls on schedule with school this year, as opposed to last year when we took way too many days off. Things are going well, we are only about two days behind where I would like us to be.

I've been doing a lot of fall cooking. I made a couple of sweet potato pies with my 9 year old. I also made baked apples, black bean soup and gingerbread cake. I love the tastes and smells of fall.

We did finally find a new home church, praise God! We are settling in and very happy.

I am still in the process of having a series of sleep studies done to figure out why I am not sleeping well. Praying that God will reveal what the problem is so I can get that under control and get back to my regular more energetic self.

Praying everyone is having a super blessed weekend!

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LizBeth said...

I have a hard time sleeping when I feel constantly behind. Would love to wake up to a day that belongs to itself -- not behind or piled up. No lists of things to do. Hope you feel better soon!