April 15, 2009

Jesus Is On My Coffee Table

Tonight as we were getting ready to eat dinner, my two year old began to ask if she could pray. "Pray, pray?" she said. I said, sure you can pray for the meal too, go ahead. After she prayed my 9 year old asked if I thought that 2 year old really knew who God is. I said I wasn't sure but I felt that she probably did in her heart. When 2 year old heard this, she ran to our front room and began to say "God, God" and was pointing at the coffee table. 7 year old ran in there and asked her if God was on the coffee table? 2 year old said "Yes! Jesus!", with a big smile. Did she really see Jesus or really think He was there? I guess there's no way to really know...

This cute little scenario really got me thinking. What if Jesus really WAS sitting in the next room on my coffee table. What if He was right there listening and watching, in person. I mean, we, as Christians, know that God is always there with us in Spirit, but how would it feel if we could see Him... reach out to Him, see His expressions towards what we are doing... what if we could hear His voice, reach out and touch Him...? How would we conduct ourselves differently if He were physically there in our home every day? And how would our thought life be different? Of course God can always hear our thoughts too.

As I go about my daily routine, from now on, I know that I won't forget this exchange between my children. I know I will check myself on how I am thinking and how I am acting towards my family or anyone else in my home. From now on, I will always remember that Jesus is in the next room... on my coffee table... and I want Him to smile as He sees and hears us go about our day.

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vehementflame said...

I love it! Out of the mouths of babes.... my two year old always tells me "jesus lives in my heart" You are so so so right- I will remember this one too..Jesus is on my coffee table!! Makes you keep straight and narrow desn't it?!:)