April 9, 2009


I love to make handmade quilts! I have been making them since I was 16 years old... I've probably made about 20 total and I always have several in various stages of completion.

Right now I am working on matching quilts for my girls beds. They are patchwork squares of various bright solids and patterns. I can't wait to get them finished. Here's a picture of one of the quilt tops which I just finished.

All the quilts match except for a few unique squares here and there. The photos really doesn't do this quilt top justice, the colors are all so vivid and the patterns so cute up close. When these tops are done I plan to back them with bright colored calicoes and yarn tie them with embroidery floss or a very shiny yard with little buttons or other pretty charms on several of the ties. I will bind them with blanket binding because I think that will make them sturdier and last longer. I'm hoping to have them done by fall.

I have several more quilt projects I am working on at the moment and a couple I have finished as well. I will post some pics soon, they are all so pretty.

I'm sure it will take me YEARS to finish all these projects since I do a lot of the work by hand, but quilting is so much fun I just can't help starting up many, many projects at once.

Just thought I would share one of my favorite hobbies with you today :0)


Erika W. said...

Wow! That quilt looks great! I'm very, very slowly piecing together my first quilt top- I'm doing it all by hand, so I work on it a little and then put it away. I have aspirations of taking quilt making to the extreme and making one for everyone I know. Lol. I'm sure I'm kidding myself. ;)

Michele said...

That is so neat you are learning to quilt! It is fun and so addictive! I love working by hand, I am just now learning how to quilt by machine. Either way it is fun!