January 1, 2009

New Years Day

It's been quite a hectic past three weeks but we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. After my husband being sick for a week, then me being sick for a week and a half and all of our children going on the end of a week of sickness as of today, we are all starting to feel much better. It turns out we all had strept throat. Now with antibiotics and rest (and lots of soup!), we're getting back to normal. (If you lived here you'd know this is true because you can now hear lots of little arguments popping up between siblings, LOL!). Praise God for His healing!

I'm really looking forward to this new year. I always love the start of a new year, it gives me such a feeling of a new start and new things to come and new blessings just around the corner.

Unlike a lot of people that like to sit back and relax on New Years Day, I am quite the opposite. I have always been this way. This is my favorite day of the year to clean! I have been like this since I was a teenager. A New Year makes me want to feel like life itself is new, and what better way to achieve this feeling than a clean house.

Today I tackled my kitchen and my girls bedroom. It feels so good to see things nice and fresh looking and gives us a blank canvas to start our year. Tomorrow I plan to wash and braid my girls hair and sort out some boxes. Then Saturday I will tackle all the laundry that has accumulated while we were sick.

I pray everyone is having a blessed, enjoyable and relaxing New Years Day and that your new year will be filled with blessings to numerous to count!

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