June 3, 2010

Our New Business - Finally! :)

I have continued to mention a new business that my husband and I have been working on in my previous blog posts but am jut now getting time to explain :) Please excuse my tardiness in blogging, it's been a busy time here.

The new business is called Higher Vision Wellness. As of now we offer one primary product that has really helped us both in bettering our health. It is called Nopalea and you can read all about it on our brand new website and blog. We offer some other great products as well and more about those can be found here. We pray that God is going to allow us to continue to build up this business and offer more and more products that will help enhance the lives of others in bettering their health. Getting fit and healthy is a passion of ours... a new road we are embarking upon and we want to share all we have learned and found with others. I also share my own personal testimony by video on our new site. You can view that video here.

Aside from business, we are about to kick off a busy summer. We have a week long VBS program for the kids, a homeschool convention to attend, a new niece about to arrive into the world in August and many other things like planning the next school year, sewing projects... the list goes on! I am hoping to share lots of photos and news in the weeks to come.

Praying you are all having a blessed and safe summer!

In Christ,

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