May 8, 2010

Raw Foods Are Amazing!

I've been doing a lot of reading up lately on the raw foods diet. What this means, in case you have not heard of it, is eating all of your foods raw. No cooked food at all. The healing that many people have experienced from this type of diet just amazes me. There are lots of sites and articles out there on the net, just hit up Google if you want to find out more.

That being said, I began to think I wanted to try this way of eating. As you can imagine, my kiddos were not amused at this suggestion. It's bad enough that mom has taken away most all the junk food around the house. And my second oldest daughter HATES most all fruits and veggies. My husband was on board mostly but not 100%. I was disappointed but not dissuaded. I decided to works towards a more raw way of eating on my own.

So, at this point I am about 50% raw in what I eat. I begin most days with a
green smoothie of some type, veggie juice or just a couple pieces of fruit. For a snacks I eat some type of nuts and dried fruit or some type of veggies. If I am in a hurry I will do salsa and corn chips or carrots with dip. For lunch or dinner a salad of some sort. The other meal will be mostly cooked and although some of it is cooked it will contain mainly veggies.

I can't begin to explain how much healthier I feel since I started eating this way. My energy levels are soaring and I actually crave vegetables which normally I have to remind myself to eat. I don't know that I will ever go 100% raw, just for convenience sake (not having to prepare two meals 3 times a day when I am the only raw foodie here) and also due to the high cost of produce. If we lived in a more garden friendly environment I could change my mind, but for now I will continue to eat a "high raw" diet.

Our new website should be up in about a week or so. More info on that to come soon. :)


Erika W. said...

I did a vegan fast last fall for just ten days, and by the end of the ten days I just was craving meat and cheese! Mostly it was raw foods, but as good as I did feel, boy, my taste buds did not want anymore veggies. I ate a lot of potatoes and meat for a few days after that. I'm surprised that you find yourself craving veggies! Good for you- any change in diet that gets you to eat more fruit and veg is a good thing.

Michele said...

I was shocked myself! We started off by just giving up beef. I was great with that, in face my digestive system felt like a well oiled machine and I had plenty of energy to spare. That is what gave me the idea that raw might be better for me personally. We still have one mostly cooked meal at dinner. With some chicken or turkey or fish. I don't always partake of the meat, only when I feel that need for the protein. For breakfast I do green smoothies most days. And for lunch a salad of some sort. I've had a few beef cravings and we still do eat cheese. I do some cooked foods for breakfast and lunch as well, but it is getting more and more rare for me. I was a total beef eater but the way I feel now had convinced me that beef should be a rare treat not a daily meal for me personally. I like to use things with high flavor like vinegars and olive oil and spiced or citrus juice. I find that if I keep the flavor high any cravings go away. Working towards 75% raw. Hoping I can make it there, I know I will feel even better if I can.