November 9, 2008

Long Week...

Wow, it sure has been a long week here, I am just blessed to have some time tonight to sit and blog and enjoy a few quiet moments.

Our oldest daughter has been sick all week. It's a bit of a long story but the main point is she suffers from some digestion issues that cause her stomach pain and she also feels weak and tired a lot. She was on a medication that was supposed to help her problems (it did while she was on it) but the doctor has weaned her off and the withdrawal symptoms from getting off are seeming worse than the initial problem itself. She has been having flu like symptoms along with stomach pain for almost a week now. She is getting better slowly, but she is still not well enough to do her school work or to play like normal with her sisters. We are praying for healing and that by the end of this week she will be past this withdrawal period and feeling better. Please join us in that prayer.

It's amazing now much we can take for granted with our kids. I honestly didn't realize how much of a help my daughter was to me until she was sick. I mean, I appreciate her so much and I honestly do realize that she helps me a lot, but the extent to which she helps is amazing and I am so blessed to have her. She is a wonderful, sweet and helpful girl!

Our one year old also chose this week to start "acting two". That is what we call it when our children get into a phase where they are around two years old and show signs of what people call "the terrible twos". Basically, she has spent the week being very demanding and crying for me all the time (when she normally would not) and just being generally challenging in all areas.

So, sitting down right now with a cup of hot tea, a bag of my favorite chips and a bowl of salsa and spending a little time on-line is wonderful. The girls are all nicely tucked into bed and my wonderful husband is enjoying a karate movie that he's been wanting to watch all week but has been to tired to enjoy.

I'm going to work on the next installment of the Romans Bible study, so if you've been reading along, look for the post tomorrow.

Praying you're all having a blessed Sunday and that you will enjoy a blessed week as well.

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