October 28, 2008

No more "ba"!

I am so happy to say that I think I have finally weaned 1 year old from her nightly "ba-ba". My baby just could not go to bed without a bottle! It really worried me because of her teeth. I didn't want to let her sleep with a bottle and ruin her teeth, but she is VERY stubborn and in order for anyone in the house to get sleep, we chose to give in to her.

A couple nights ago, we came home really late and I honestly forgot about the "ba". I put her down and she slept straight through. Last night I gave her a cup of water and she slept until 4 am, at which time I did give her a bottle of milk because she was honestly hungry (she's always hungry, LOL!).

Tonight, she went down fine again, as long as she had 6 yo's baby doll and 4 yo's stuffed puppy. They were happy to loan them to her for the night.

I plan to have a bottle ready for her for the early morning but if she wakes up tonight I will offer her water.

So far, so good... let's just pray this will last!

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