October 16, 2008

Great Deal!

We decided yesterday that it would be a good time to go shopping for winter coats for the girls. Where we live it doesn't get extremely cold in the winter but we do like them to have nice warm coats for evening time and outdoor activities. I figured for 4 children we would likely spend about $150 to $200 for coats. However, I was so happily surprised when we went to a Ross store and found the coats for $15.99 each! The larger ones are coats that retail normally for $70! So for under $100 they are all warm and ready for winter now. Here is a picture of what the coats look like.

I chose the larger style for all three bigger girls and the smaller one for 1 year old. They are all nice and warm and cozy with a furry type lining and hoods. The smaller one also has a zip out liner that can be worn as a light jacket. If you live near a Ross, go take a look and maybe you will find the same deal!

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