May 4, 2007

Keeping Focused

I'm typing this one-handed with a newborn in my arms. What a morning... it's days this when I just have to remind myself how blessed I am and undeserving of God's grace and the precious blood of His Son.

I woke up this morning with a sore shoulder, a stiff neck and a beautiful little baby staring at me in the spot where my husband usually sleeps. Poor guy... he temporarily moved back to the kids play room to sleep since he works 12 hour shifts and wakes up at 3 am, for work. My only goal in life right now is to help this precious little girl to sleep all night so her daddy can have his spot in our bed back. So far, so good... she's only woken up twice a night the past two nights. Our new baby is a total doll-face but I miss my husband! (Note to baby girl - you can stay in our room for a while sweetie but ya gotta sleep in the bassinet!) :0)

OK, so back to our day. I never did get around to getting dressed before breakfast... thinking I'd do so when we were done. So now it's almost 1 pm and I'm still not dressed. What happened? Let's see... baby girl has been very unsettled. Our 2.5 year old had a VERY yucky accident which turned into a major bottom scrubbing, a bath, a change of clothes, a carpet cleaning and a hand spanking... not to mention a talk about why big girls use the potty.

Leftovers from dinner last night which were supposed to be for tonight were missing (note to self - remember to tell husband what is not available to take for lunch in the morning) so had to get a plan together quick. Spent an hour figuring out breakfast and dinner, calming crying baby then 7 year old loaded the crock pot after I prepped everything.

OK, so it wasn't the worst morning in the world but I know one thing, God is teaching me something that I really need to work on is patience. My Spiritual fruit tree is slowly growing. I may not always realize why thing happen but looking back I can always see what God's plan is for me. Praise Him for His grace and mercy, I need it every day!

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