April 4, 2007


Blogging is one of those things I really enjoy. I've been blogging about food and cooking for some time now but I have been led recently to start a new blog. It's just one of those things... when God leads you to do something, you just DO IT! :0)

So... what will this new blog be about? I believe it is to about my life... as a Christian... a wife, mother and everything in between. Just a simple blog about how my walk with Christ has shaped who I am and who I strive to be. I hope that what I share here will bless people along the way and if you don't know Christ, I pray you can get to know Him through your visit here with me.

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Erika said...

Michele! How wonderful! I am sure life is beautiful and crazy right now as you adjust to life with your precious new daughter. Once you get into the swing of things though, I would love to link to this blog from my devotional group blog- Heart and Soul. The link to that is in my profile. I would also love for you to consider joining the group and doing an occasional post. Think on that when you have some time in the future. In the meantime- God Bless. It takes a courageous person to leap when he says leap, and we are now 175 posts in and with God's help-we're changing lives. You will make a difference to someone!