February 11, 2011

God's Favor

It's always amazing to watch God move in our lives, and WOW, He has been MOVING since the last time I posted here.

We moved to a new home a couple of days after Christmas. The events that led up to that move showed us that God truly have us in a place of favor right now. We had no intention of moving but knew that God wanted us to relocate.

Everything fell into place just perfectly (with only a 3 week window of time to move and all the family sick with the flu besides me!)

We are now settling in and loving our new home. We have much more space and are so blessed that we will not be able to host guests more often and share Christ's love with them. This home is certainly not just a place for us, but a place to share!

Lots more wonderful things have been happening lately, but instead of listing them all, I'll share the best one. We are expecting!

Yes, our family is about to grow once again and in September we will have a new little one to share our lives. God is so good and we are so very blessed.

Hoping to blog more in the days and weeks to come to chronicle our journey as our new little one grows and arrives into the world.


Cookie said...

Praise God! Congratulations on all of the wonderful blessings that God is pouring on your family.

Alex said...

Hi Michele! I loved your recipe for adobo seasoning so much that I directed my readers to your website (hope that's okay!). Love your recipes! Congratulations on your pregnancy too!

Check out my blog and feel free to follow along:

God bless!