August 10, 2010

Our Daily Schedule - Revised

This past school year we were very scheduled. It was necessary for various reasons, but honestly I find it more stressful to operate in such a structured way. It just doesn't work well. In my opinion, life doesn't fit into a "box".

This year we have chosen to go with a more natural schedule. So far it has been working very well and the kids and I are all more relaxed because of it.

We don't have a particular starting time in the morning. We have set goals for each day.

Unless we have a specific appointment I don't set an alarm in the morning. Sleep deprivation has been a big issue for me personally the past couple of years so sleep is high on my list of priorities. When I get at least 6 hours of good sleep the whole day is better for everyone.

Generally I am awake by 8:30. If the girls wake before I do they play or read until I am awake. Then we move in blocks.

Block 1 - Morning

- Wake up/Grooming
- Chores/dinner prep
- Breakfast
- Bible Study
- Table clean up
- Start school (2 subjects)

Block 2 - Afternoon

- lunch/read-aloud
- table clean up / quick house clean up
- play outside time
- back to school (2 more subjects)

Block 3 - Evening

- project, computer or TV time for kids (varies by day)
- baths/dress for bed
- dinner
- family time

Block 4 - Night

- kids prep for bed (brush teeth, get a cup of water, book, etc.)
- tuck kids in
- time with hubby
- my computer time
- bed time

Two things that I really need to work into the schedule somehow are sewing time and exercise. Those will be added in (somehow) in the weeks to come.

1 comment:

Erika said...

Oh, I'm glad to read this Michele. Last year I had the kids together for much of the school day- this year they'll each be doing their own things, and I was struggling with the idea that I would have to create a more rigid schedule to make sure we get it all in.

I hate the thought though that our school days could turn into such a structured thing that it would more resemble a brick-and-mortar school.

Thank you for the reminder that a relaxed day keeps everyone happy and sane.