January 6, 2010


There are so many changes that are upon us right now. I haven't blogged much because I haven't had much new to say. I have been focused a lot on food lately, with trying to lose weight and trying to make healthy eating choices for my family. I feel led that maybe I should start posting on my old blog again but unsure of where to go with that. Maybe a new blog? I'm not sure. A bit confused right now... If I don't post much just know that I am still here, just taking a little break.


homeschooling6 said...

Hi, Michele, I'll keep you in my prayers. We are going through a lot of changes too.

I started a new blog. Still not sure where to go with my HSB www.homeschooling6.com.

Sometimes we just need to take time off fron blogging. I have done that now and then.

Shell said...

I hope this clear up for you. I found you accidently googling for refried beans. I'm loving your recipes from your old blog. I hope you do blog soon, I was enjoying it.

Thanks for sharing!