November 11, 2009

Overhauling The House

We have been wanting to make some changes around our house for a while now. We have had our three older girls sharing a room (which is way too small for the three of them) and our two year old is rooming with us. This worked well when we first moved here and two year old was a year old and woke up a lot at night and the older girls were a little younger. But now they need more space and my husband and I need our room back! :0)

Our third bedroom is used as an office/guest room/play room but since the master bedroom is very large we have no problem moving our computer in there and letting the third room go to two of the girls while the other two share the girls current room. I have been procrastinating this change for a while because not only will it take me a few days to get it all done, I just couldn't figure out how I wanted arrange all the furniture.

Well, today I finally took the plunge and began to prepare for the big move. I had to clean out the master bedroom closet because not only was it really out of order, there are some things that I want to store in there and needed to make room. I also did a really good cleaning of the master bedroom (sorting/organizing/vacuuming, etc.) so I can move my gazelle glider, the computer desk AND my sewing table in there. (It's amazing how much space can be freed up when relocating a two year old).

My girls were such big helpers. They helped to sort a lot of things, helped me move some things out to our garage and whatever else I needed done. They had a great time and are so excited to have more bedroom space when this is all done.

Today we did the following...

  • cleaned out the master bedroom closet
  • cleaned out the built in shelving unit in our hallway
  • rearranged the bookshelf in the master bedroom
  • sorted out our "junk basket" that sits on the kitchen island (my 9 year old took the now empty basket and put it on a red bandana on the living room coffee table and now it holds our remotes, it looks so much more pretty there)
  • sorted a big pile of paperwork sitting on the hall shelving unit
  • took several items that were broken or not being used out to the garage
  • washed two loads of laundry (about to do two more before bed)
  • added some cute decorations to the master bedroom
We have a long way to go on this project but when it's all done I know we will be very happy with the results.

God has really been calling our family into ministry and hospitality is a big part of that. With a nice fresh feeling house we will be much better equiped to welcome visitors into out home.

Tomorrow I am going to take apart the computer and reassemble it on a temporary table in the master bedroom until my husband is off work and can help me move the desk. I would move it alone but it's a solid oak desk and I know I risk puling my back out if I try to do it alone. Then hopefully we can get the girls beds moved tomorrow as well.

It seems like most people seem to like to organize and clean in the spring but for me fall is the time of year to get things in order. :0)


DeNiece Barnes said...

You and your daughters have been very busy today...I know that the girls are going to love their new rooms and you and your hubby are going to enjoy having your room back all to yourselves lol. Well I am glad that you decided to wait for your hubby to help you move the computer desk because I remember how you explained in one blog post awhile back how you were having some back issues, and I do not want you to hurt it again dear friend. Well I just wanted to let you know that I added a new day in my kitchen video yesterday if you would like to stop by for awhile...

Andrea said...

I am so with you on that! Autumn has always been the time I get motivated to get things overhauled.