August 3, 2009

Who I Am

Candy did a really neat post today called "This Is Who I Am" and asked others to participate as well, so I thought I would add my version of "Who I Am" today. If you have a blog and haven't posted today, why not participate as well! If you do leave me your link in a comment so I can visit!

OK, Let's see...

I am God's child. Made in His image, saved by the blood of His Son, redeemed by faith and sanctified by His amazing and Holy grace. I love Him above all else.

I am am a non-denominational Christian in my doctrinal beliefs. I believe God has given us liberty as His children and although I have attended churches of various denominations over the years, I hold to none 100%, only to the Bible, the truth of God's word.

I am a growing Christian, seeking to learn and grow in God's word. As I continue to read the Bible I learn so much more each time I read, God's Word is so alive and dynamic, it always fills my soul.

I am always praying that God use me in any way He see fit to further His kingdom. Whatever he has for me to do I am willing and ready.

I am a wife of an amazing husband, totally dedicated and still so much in love after 10 happy years.

I am a mom that is in love with her babies and very protective of their lives and hearts.

I am a serious person. I do love to smile, laugh and joke (and I do so often) but in general I take things seriously and ponder them deeply.

I am a lover of all things culinary. Cooking is not just a hobby of mine, it is a passion and I have to keep myself in check otherwise I would spend all day in the kitchen and get absolutely nothing else done.

I am a music lover. Especially Christian hip-hop which has a special place in my heart. However, I also love old hymns, popular worship songs, instrumental music and so much more. Music always brings me joy.

I am a quilter. I have made hand-made quilts for more than half my life and every time I make one I love making them even more.

I am a homebody. I love to be at home, doing things at home, just enjoying our home. Home is comfortable, safe and warm... always.

I am a list maker and planner. I am always making lists, they can be found all over our house and in my purse. If I don't have a list I am lost.

I am concerned about the health of myself and my family which is why I love to make healthy foods from scratch and encourage us all to get outdoors for fresh air and exercise.

I am a bibliophile. I adore books and have to restrain myself as to not spend too much money on them.

I am a a person who wishes to garden. I wish so much for a garden but have not yet had the opportunity to start one. One day... one day... :0) I do grow herbs in pots and mini roses as well.

I am a lover of people. I make friends easily and love to meet new people. It is a joy yo be able to share with people that love that God has shared with me through Christ.

oh... and here are a few things I am not...

I am NOT a good dancer. I love music with a passion but dancing... uh... NO!

I am not patient. I am much more patient than I used to be and God is working with me on my patience but naturally, I am not patient.

I am not perfect! I will be the first one to say that I have my faults and they are many, but praise God He is working with me on them and I am making improvements.


BygracegoI said...

Beautifully done! I especially like the what I'm not part!

Donetta said...

It is just good to be YOU! i enjoy you for you!
Enjoy the day!