May 8, 2009

Revamping Our Homeschool Daily Schedule

I think for me the hardest thing to do is to get back on schedule after an interruption.

My husband is back at work as of yesterday (praise God he was allowed to return to his full duties). I realized right away that not only had we gotten way off track with school, chores, etc., but our schedule needs an overhaul! The way we were doing things is not working well any more.

So, today my goal is to revise the schedule so that things flow a little better around here and we get more done each day and I spend less time delegating activities and more time on the necessities.

My first goal is to get new copies of my girls Morning and Bedtime lists printed out. I had these hanging in their room and 2 year old was able to reach them so they are now lost. Those needed to be re-done anyhow. I am also going to make each child a daily plan and print that out so they can view it at a glance so there's no question as to what they need to be doing at any given time. 7 and 9 year old can read theirs on their own but I will probably add some cute icons or something for 4 year old. 2 year old is along for the ride with me so she doesn't need a chart :0)

After I get those charts done, I am going to revise our block schedule.

Finally, I found this neat list of "House Rules" on the Duggar Family website and I am going to print that out and hang that up too. We recently put up a neat little wall of pictures the kids drew for a lesson on The Fruits of The Spirit and that project really seemed to help them remember the scripture as well and instilling in them the meaning of it so I think this will be a good visual for them as well which I am hoping will help out some with all the little arguments that pop up during the day. I'm also hoping to find some more scriptures with pictures on-line that I can hang up around the house. My girls are very visual learners so I know this will help them to remember and apply the scriptures to their daily lives.

I'll be posting the new schedule, etc. tomorrow. Praying your day is blessed!


vehementflame said...

I am happy to hear your good news. Praise God! Yes, it is tough getting off track. You sound like you have a great plan. I am impressed!! We too have failed to use our "charts" lately- what a reminder to get back on the right track:)I am looking forward to hearing your new schedule. I could use some tips!

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat new to homeschooling and I too have a 9, 7, 5 and 2 year old! I am struggling with how to give the individual instruction? My two olders need me to atleast go over the Math lesson (Saxon), they also both need me to go over the english lesson (shurley), and one has latin the other phonics that require me! Plus my 5 year old needs me for all 3 subjects she does. I don't really know what to do with the other kids while I'm instructing one? How do you do this? Any suggestions or recommendations for blogs that have this worked out well with multiple children?

Michele said...

Hi Michelle,

Well, first of all it is a big challenge with a two year old. That is my biggest challenge. Here are somethings I have found to work.

We do any out loud reading during our meal times.

We start the day with Bible (as a group) during breakfast then we do Math. I work with 9 and 7 year old to make sure they know what they need to do then I work one on one with 5 year old while 2 year old plays near by.

Then I get the two olders going on Language Arts. This is time for 5 and 2 year old to play in another room.

Next we break for lunch then 2 year old naps while I read with 5 year old and 9 and 7 year old work on the rest of their subjects near by.

I don't do a lot with 5 year old, just math, reading and Language. Very short lessons. Lots of play time!

I use a language progrqam that mixed reading, phonics, spelling, handwriting and everything all into one.

You might also consider Queen Homeschool, they use a Charlotte Mason method that is very time friendly and works very well from what I have heard from some other moms. My Father's World and Winter Promise as well as Sonlight allow teaching of multiple children all together. I just prefer an eclectic mix of things.

There is one mom of many that has some wonderful advice about schooling during preschool and kindergarten, here is her blog.

Hope this helps!